Law and Morality: the debate goes on

Points of Law

In the last month two senior judges have given speeches concerning the relationship between the law and morality, reigniting the glowing embers of a debate which has flared up repeatedly over the last two centuries. Although they were not in any sense putting forth opposing views, in so far as they agreed it was on subtly different bases.

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Law, Morality and Religion in …

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BabyBarista: Lawyers are just glorified car mechanics

BabyBarista: Lawyers are just glorified car mechanics

“All we are is glorified car mechanics,” said UpTights at Chambers tea today. “Just fixing minor errors caused by solicitors.” “Except not so glorified,” said TheBusker. “Yes, I doubt there’d be many mechanics who’d be pleased with the comparison,” said HeadofChambers. “What’s the problem?” asked OldSmoothie. “Not had any trials of late?” “I should be so lucky,” said UpTights. “Everything in sight just settles at the moment.” “Do you think solicitors are just becoming more reasonable?” said TheCreep. …

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Pro bono publico: private conscience and public service

National Pro Bono Week and the Bar Conference 2013 At a time when public funding is being cut to the bone, the Bar is already going further and working pro bono.

But is it right for the government – with  all David Cameron’s talk of the Big Society stepping in where public spending fears to tread – to  take advantage of the natural instincts of most legal professionals, to give advice where it’s needed and to see the rule …

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How not to do pupillage with new recruit PupilBrag




Within only a few weeks of starting his pupillage, one of the pupils has already garnered quite a reputation as a show-off. Not a show-off in a theatrical, maybe kind of charming but just a bit too much energy sort of a way either. More of a show-off in an insecure, in your face and too much information thank you very much type of way. “Didn’t I mention, I got a first from Oxford, don’t you …

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Cameras in court – the Lex Factor

The promise of open justice is not fulfilled where viewers have no idea and no explanation of what is going on.

Yesterday, following a change in the law, proceedings in the Court of Appeal were broadcast live on television for the first time in this country. This new development was designed to make English justice more open and accessible. But will it have that effect?

The first hearing of the Court of Appeal to be broadcast live on television, …

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