Direct access to a barrister: Standards Board reviews training requirements

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The Bar Standards Board, which regulates barristers in England and Wales, has announced that the training  barristers undergo for providing legal services directly to clients (i.e. without being instructed by a solicitor), is to be overhauled.

Among the changes announced will be “an element of formal assessment to make sure that barristers have the knowledge and skills required to undertake public access work” and a requirement on barristers of less than three years’ experience to keep a log of …

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Supreme Court judgments on YouTube

The Supreme Court is now giving judgments in the most open court imaginable: the court of public opinion, otherwise known as YouTube. 

As of today, the Supreme Court is making available a collection of 25 video summaries of its judgments given last term, between October and December 2012, on its own dedicated YouTube channel, UKSupremeCourt. This Wednesday, when it gives a further three judgments – in the cases of R (Prudential plc) v Special Commissioner of Income Tax; …

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Fair Trial of Foul?

Anyone who has been following the news from India will be horrified by the appalling case of the female student who died after being gang-raped by five men on a bus in Delhi. The case has caused outrage both at home and abroad, not least because it does not appear to have been an isolated incident but merely the latest and most egregious of a type of case which the authorities have systematically failed properly or adequately to deal …

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1953: A year to remember

This year marks the diamond jubilee of the Weekly Law Reports, which were launched in 1953 with a mission to provide a general series of full text law reports that would be “unsurpassed for completeness”.

1953 was a year in which England looked to the future. Cars looked like space ships and space ships looked like they might actually take off one day.

The event of the year was, of course, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which …

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BabyBarista – Introducing LiggerLawyer

“Have you ever come across a young barrister who seemed to crash every drinks party in the whole of EC4 this Christmas season,” asked BusyBody today.

“Ah, so you’ve met LiggerLawyer,” smiled TheVamp. “She’s like the worst kind of Z-list celebrity who would go along to the opening of a briefcase if she’d been invited and it had free booze.”

“Except in LiggerLawyer’s case she’s not even a crass celeb and she’s also never invited to anything in the …

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