YouTube if you want to, the law is not for turning (into a joke)

Gary Slapper

You read it here first: ICLR Encounters 3, featuring Tim Kevan, Gary Slapper and Alex Williams, “Making Light of the Law“, is now available on video, courtesy of YouTube.

The 30 minutes of seamlessly edited highlights include:

Gary Slapper, author of “Weird Cases“, recounting the tale of a man who was prosecuted and fined for feeding an alligator, after one of those creatures had bitten off …

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind: the law, a funny old business

Though law is a serious matter, our perception of it is at least partially informed by humorous incidents. And often it is only by making fun of the law that a serious point can be made about its failings. These were among the observations which emerged from the third of the ICLR Encounters, Making Light of the Law, which consisted of a panel discussion between Professor Gary Slapper, author of the Weird Cases column and books, Tim Kevan, author of …

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Sponsored post: Making Light of the Law @TheICLR

“I hear that the ICLR is hosting a seminar entitled Making Light of the Law,” said TheCreep the other day.

“Ha! Now that’s a challenge,” said UpTights. “In my view, there is nothing, and I repeat, absolutely and utterly nothing whatsoever light or indeed funny about the law.”

“Except for the lawyers, that is,” said TheBusker looking around the room.

“Well I don’t think that counts within the definition of ‘the law’,” said UpTights.

“And picking up on definitions …

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