Judges on strike: could it happen here?

Anti-mursi protests in Cairo

Judges in Egypt have threatened to go on strike in protest against a decree, issued by new president Mohammed Mursi, the terms of which place the president above any law and declare that his decisions cannot be challenged.

According to reports from the International Business Times, the decree purports to give the president immunity from his country’s judiciary and ensures his decisions cannot be revoked.

In these circumstances, the judges have every right to be concerned. For such a …

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The BAILII lecture: No Judgment, No Justice

For justice to be seen to be done, judgments given in open court must be accessible in two senses. They must be clearly written so that a reasonably well informed member of the public can understand what is being decided. But they must also be available to the public, and in this sense their accessibility depends on their being reported.

Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, so stated in the first BAILII annual lecture, hosted by …

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Always be ready for the unexpected – with ICLR online

“There’s one thing I always say about life in the law and that’s always to expect the unexpected,” said OldSmoothie today.“What like ageing, fat barristers not spouting clichéd advice to pupils?” said BusyBody.“Or judges not having got o…

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